The Distributed Execution Network lab (better known as the DEN) supports several CIS courses, students, and faculty per year. Students taking classes in High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are frequent users of the DEN.  The DEN provides 24/7 remote access, via a CIS keycard, and individualized student accounts.  It also supports student research projects in the form of independent studies, honor’s projects, and master’s projects and theses.  For research, students are typically assigned a keycard allowing physical access to the lab for the duration of their project. The DEN is located at C-2-203 Mackinac Hall.

The purpose of the center is to serve the needs of:

  • students studying advanced computing methodologies
  • researchers investigating new parallel models
  • scientists in need of high-performance computational resources

Hardware includes systems representative of the main HPC paradigms:

  • several multi-threaded workstations
  • a small experimental cluster
  • two GPU workstations (> 100 TFLOP)
  • a small cloud
  • two FPGA embedded systems
  • a 3D CAVE virtual reality platform

All of the software developed, and most software used, in the DEN is free and open-source.  Installations include:

  • various Linux distributions and Windows
  • HPC debugging and monitoring tools
  • popular deep learning frameworks
  • domain-specific application packages

For more information on the DEN, or to get involved, please reach out to any of the faculty listed below:

Greg Wolffe – [email protected]

Jonathan Leidig – [email protected]

Jared Moore – [email protected]

Christian Trefftz – [email protected]


Be sure to check out the video tour of the DEN below, given by Dr. Wolffe!

photograph of machine inside DEN lab
Students with Prof Wolffe inside DEN lab

Tour of the DEN

photograph of student with machine inside DEN lab

Page last modified January 12, 2023