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Student Wins First Place at National Event

August 03, 2020

Student Wins First Place at National Event

A student from the GVSU Educational Talent Search program won first place at the 31st annual National Student Leadership Congress (NSLC).

Pablo Villalvazo and his team took first place out of 130 students in a digital mock Congress design challenge competition. They took a stance declaring that vaccines should not be a federal mandate. Villalvazo's work as a presenter was crucial for accomplishing that goal.

The NSLC consisted of a 5-day leadership development experience for students from TRIO programs throughout the United States and territories. The experience included diversity and inclusion training, interactive online breakout sessions, virtual tours, and a virtual day on Capitol Hill, in addition to the design challenge.

Villalvazo was recognized as a standout student during the NSLC program. The Council for Opportunity in Education, which organizes the event, plans to feature his experience in the program. They admired his presence and his hard work during this congress.

In the future, Villalvazo aspires to major in History and run for office to represent Grand Rapids and his community.

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