Career Exploration Resources

Career Exploration Resources

If you have narrowed down your choice of major and are wondering what careers this major may prepare you for:

1. The University of Tennessee has an information rich website that provides major or field of study related careers, as well as links to relevant professional associations, etc. NOTE: this site sometimes uses other names for majors than those available at Grand Valley. Look for terms associated with your GVSU major if you don't find it on the list. For example, if you don't find "Biopsychology," look for Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, etc.

2. When you choose a particular major from the CLAS Advising Center's majors page, the related page includes the link to the department webpage (which often has additional career resources, a selection of the best related careers sites and a list of closely related fields.

3. For a beginning look at a particular career, access the Occupational Outlook Handbook for a profile of that career, settings, salaries, employment outlook, and the required education.

If you haven't yet decided on a major or a career, try the following approaches:

1. Career Services provides a brief set of questions to get the process started: Take 5 to Ask 5

2. For a more in-depth approach to finding a career aligned with your interests, values and skills, try Focus 2 offered by the Counseling and Career Development Center.

Page last modified October 15, 2020