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March 19, 2020

There have been temporary changes for the final withdrawal deadline and C/NC policy for Winter 2020 semester. 

The 'W' deadline has been extended to Monday April 6th (from the original March 6th).  Students who wish to receive a W grade are able to call the Registrar's office ((616) 331-3327) to start the process.  Students are strongly encouraged to connect with an advisor and Financial Aid before dropping any of their classes.

You may petition to switch to credit/no credit evaluation if you are concerned about the negative impact of online delivery on their performance. CR/NC means you must still perform in the course and work with your faculty to ensure you are earning credit (correlates to a C grade or better). Classes converted to CR/NC after March 15, 2020—and for Winter 2020 semester only--will not count towards the 10 hours maximum or toward the 25 percent maximum.

You must submit the completed form by March 31.

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Requesting a Permit or Registration Override

We appreciate your flexibility during these unprecedented times.  Our goal is to offer the same advising services to our students - just in a different way.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

The CCPS Advising Staff

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Page last modified March 19, 2020