GVSU Law Society

Welcome to Law Society! Our purpose is to educate students that are interested in an undergraduate legal or law related education. This organization will provide students with information and opportunities related to law school and legal professions, including careers as paralegal professionals and attorneys. The organization will also enable students to develop relationships with legal professionals within the community. These purposes shall be achieved through regular meetings, presented speakers, events, and personal contacts with the legal community.


Category: Academic & Professional

LakerLink: https://gvsu.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/law-society

Organization Email Address: [email protected]

Instagram: @gvsulaw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GVSULawSociety/

Twitter: @GvsuLaw 


Executive Board:

President: Charlotte Doran

President's Email Address: [email protected]

Vice President/Risk Manager: Juliet Ferreyra

Financial Officer: Josie Jackson

Membership Officer/Communications: Minna Abdel-Moemen

Public Relations/Social Media: Makayla Nusbaum

Advisors: Adrian Copeland ([email protected]) and Mark Richards ([email protected])



We, the Law Society of Grand Valley State University, exist in order to strengthen and increase the awareness of the undergraduate legal or law-related education programs at Grand Valley State University and to expand the opportunities of all students of every major interested in an undergraduate legal or law-related education.


Is your organization selective in membership? 

No. Law Society does not have GPA, enrollment status, or other requirements to be a member. If you would like to become a member, visit LakerLink and request membership!


Meeting Day & Time: Every other Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET, but special events may be hosted differently


Dues: $10 


Visit the School of Criminal Justice 

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