Repeat Limit and Credit/ No Credit

Repeat Limit

If you need to take a chemistry course for the third time, you cannot make that request in Banner.  You need a Repeat Limit Approval form, available on the Registrar’s “Student Forms” page at will need to take the form to your faculty advisor, who will talk to you about why you have had trouble with the course in the past and what you can do to succeed this time.  The advisor will sign the form.  You then need to bring it to the Chemistry office in 312 PAD for signature by the Unit head or Associate Chair, and then to the Registrar’s desk in the Student Services building (150 STU).

Credit/No Credit

If you want to take a chemistry course for a CR/NC grade, you do NOT need permission from the Chemistry Department unless you are a chemistry or biochemistry major. You need a Credit/No Credit Request form, also available at If the course satisfies a requirement for your major or minor, you will need the signatures of your advisor and the chair of your major department. You then turn in the form in 150 STU.  Please note that you must earn a regular grade of C or better to receive CR; C- or lower results in NC.

Page last modified May 5, 2017