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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology


Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in wildlife biology

The wildlife biology major prepares students to attain and succeed in positions focused on maintaining sustainable populations of wildlife species at the local, regional, state, federal, and international level. The program requires students to gain an understanding of both the wildlife they study and of the ecosystems in which they live. Students earning this degree will be qualified for positions working with state and federal wildlife agencies as well as non-governmental organizations, and by choosing the correct general education classes, for certification as an Associate Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society. The degree focuses on preparing students for careers as wildlife biologists, but due to the diverse skill set required, the coursework in this major prepares students for entry level positions in a variety of related fields. Students completing the degree will meet the federal requirements for positions as wildlife biologist, wildlife technician, biological science technician, plant protection technician, range technician, forestry technician, and soil conservation technician. Through a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on and lab-based learning, the program prepares students to join a profession dedicated to meeting the challenges of maintaining wildlife diversity in the face of growing threats.

Major Requirements (73 credits)

Wildlife Core (34 credits)

Wildlife Theory and Application Electives
Complete at least six credits from the following courses:

Animal Electives
Complete at least nine credits from the following courses:

Plant Electives
Complete at least nine credits from the following courses:

Additional Requirements for the Wildlife Biology Major (15 credits)

Physical Sciences
Complete at least nine credits from the following courses:

Mathematics and Statistics (6 credits)

Complete at least three credits from the following courses:

The wildlife biology major fulfills the B.S. degree requirements with the completion of BIO 215 - Ecology (4 credits), STA 215 - Introductory Applied Statistics (3 credits) and NRM 495 - Senior Project and Seminar (3 credits) OR BOTH NRM 496 - Senior Project and Western Natural Resources Management (2 credits) and NRM 497 - Field Trip - Issues in Western U.S. Natural Resources Management (1 credit).

Suggested Order of Coursework

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

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