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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Post-professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

This program will be available to only master's prepared occupational therapists.

Occupational therapists admitted to the program are required to complete 36 credits of doctoral level coursework. Coursework is linked to professional practice with the intent to develop applied skills in the areas of policy, advocacy, leadership, and education. Specifically, students will develop knowledge and skills directed toward enhancing leadership and advocacy, participating in public policy activities, dealing with social determinants of health, providing evidence-based interventions, and educating new therapists. Additionally, a culminating Capstone portfolio grounded in theory and evidence will be required. The program will serve only master's degree credentialed students and qualifies graduates to hold advanced administrative positions, produce scholarly work including manuscripts, programs, and presentation, and to teach at the college and university level.

Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle St, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604.
Phone: (800) 621-7440.


The following is required for admission to the doctorate in occupational therapy program:

  • A minimum of two years of practice as a registered occupational therapist
  • Cumulative GPA for last 60 credit hours of 3.25
  • Critical evaluation of an occupational therapy article selected by the OST Department faculty
  • Identification of specific, individual goals and timelines for seeking the Dr.O.T. degree, within a personal statement
  • Personal interview with two members of the OST Department faculty
  • Three letters of support from professional colleagues, supervisors, or department heads

Note: Students are encouraged to maintain a minimum of part-time employment throughout their matriculation in the doctoral program. Exceptions to this requirement will be addressed by a faculty committee on a case-by-case basis.

Dr.O.T. Curriculum

Core Courses

The following courses are required of all Dr.O.T. students.

Policy, Advocacy, and Leadership Courses

Advanced Practice Courses

Education Courses

Doctoral Project

Additional Credits

All Dr.O.T. students will complete one of the following courses:

Potential Elective Courses Within the OST Department


  • All electives in the OST department will be offered as three-credit courses
  • Electives from outside the program will be approved by the Dr.O.T. program coordinator
  • Students may consider courses from: education, public health, assistive technology certificate program, or other master's-level courses offered at GVSU

Course Sequence

Semester One

Semester Two

Semester Three

Semester Four

Semester Five

Semester Six

* Designates a hybrid course

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