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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Master of Science in Medical Dosimetry

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Application Requirements

For a comprehensive list of required application materials and admission criteria refer to program description.

Prerequisite Courses

The following courses or their equivalents must be completed, with a minimum grade of C, prior to admission:

Program Curriculum

The following courses comprise the medical dosimetry program (lock-step cohort):

Fall Semester (11 to 13 credits):

Winter Semester (11 to 13 credits):

Spring/Summer Semester (11 to 13 credits):


*RMD 693 Medical Dosimetry Research Project and RMD 695 Medical Dosimetry Thesis may be taken at variable credit per semester of one to three credits for a required total of six credits. RMD 696 Continuation of Master's Project or Thesis Research enrollment may be required if the student does not successfully complete RMD 695 Medical Dosimetry Thesis course.

Part-time Option

Students may apply to the program as a part-time student. Part-time students are required to enroll in all the didactic courses with the cohort they are admitted with and complete within the one-year time-frame. Part-time students are also required to begin their clinical education at the same time as their didactic courses, but are allowed to spread their clinical education (RMD 661 - Medical Dosimetry Clinical Education I, RMD 662 - Medical Dosimetry Clinical Education II, and RMD 663 - Medical Dosimetry Clinical Education III) over a longer period of time (up to two years).

Full-time students complete 32 hours per week of clinical education during the semester, and part-time students must complete a minimum of 16 hours per week of clinical education. Part-time students are given credit for the clinical education course once the clinical hours (112 clinical education hours per one credit ratio) and course requirements are achieved. Part-time students can complete the program in four, five or six semesters.

Each new cohort begins in the fall semester, and both didactic courses and clinical courses are started at the same time. Many part-time students continue to work as a radiation therapist while continuing their education.

Medical Dosimetry Program Description

Click here for the program description.

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