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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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German Minor

Requirements for a Minor in German

Minors must take at least 21 credits of German beyond GER 201, including:

Elective Courses

In addition to the previously listed information, minors must complete two elective courses at the 300- or 400- level, which may include additional courses in culture, linguistics and literature, or other elective courses.

Requirements for a Secondary Education Minor in German

Students minoring and planning for certification in German are required to complete at least 27 hours beyond the 200-level (GER 202), including:

Additional Requirements

  • All German secondary education minors must complete an approved study abroad program in a German-speaking country of at least of one semester in length. Students who cannot complete this requirement may work with a faculty advisor to complete one of several alternative programs, which may add additional credits. Students who have already spent considerable time abroad, especially in a German-language high school, may be exempt from the requirement. Please discuss your situation with an advisor as early in your program as possible.
  • German secondary education minors must achieve a rating of at least Advanced-Low on an official Oral Proficiency Interview to receive an endorsement to teach German.

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