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2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Badge in Web and Mobile Computing

The School of Computing's Web and mobile computing badge (not a degree or certificate) is designed to prepare students to accomplish tasks that include the following:

  • Design a stand-alone native mobile application on a modern mobile platform.
  • Develop a Web-based application using a modern Web stack.
  • Explain the primary challenges and tradeoffs in designing distributed systems.
  • Specify the requirements for a database application and then implement it using EER modeling, schema design and normalization, SQL/DDL, SQL/DML, stored procedures, and database triggers.
  • Describe details of data communications and computer networks including TCP/IP protocol stack.
  • Analyze security threats to computer networks and know how to protect against threats.


Completion of a bachelor's degree, and evidence of object-oriented programming skills are required for admission.

Program Location

The Web and mobile computing badge is offered on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus, located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.


The Web and mobile computing badge consists of two courses (6 credits), including:

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