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2022-2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Badge in Information Systems Management

The School of Computing's information systems management badge (not a degree or certificate) is designed to prepare students to accomplish the following:

  • Analyze the business needs that drive the need for IS solutions
  • Compare and contrast stakeholder roles in IS development
  • Explain a typical IS project life cycle
  • Evaluate and choose appropriate system development life cycles and methodologies
  • Explain the interaction between the process groups, knowledge areas, and processes
  • Adapt basic tools, templates, and techniques to the planning, organization, and management of an information systems project
  • Apply the principles defined in the Agile Manifesto to IS project management
  • Discriminate between Agile and traditional approaches to IS project management

Program Format

The information systems management badge is comprised of three courses (9 credits).


Completion of a bachelor's degree, and evidence of object-oriented programming skills are required for admission.

Program Location

The information systems management badge is offered on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus, located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.


The information systems management badge consists of three courses (9 credits), including:

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