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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Requirements for the Major in Business Administration

To complete the requirements for graduation with a B.B.A. degree, the following course requirements for a total of 120 undergraduate hours must be met: general education; business core; business major, major requirements listed with information on individual majors; cognates; and electives.

Core Courses

All business core courses acquaint you with various fields in business and help you learn to communicate, to interact, and to assume responsible positions in your chosen field.

For the B.B.A., you must complete the following courses.

Students are also required to select one class from the following list. ACC 333 must be selected for accounting majors. All other majors may take any of the courses from the list. This course may count toward the major or minor if applicable. Note: Only one course will count towards the B.B.A. and major/minor requirements.

Required Business Electives

Three upper-division business courses are not applied to the major or minor (nine credits total). However, these courses can be applied toward a second business major if one is declared.


Students may elect nonbusiness or business courses to fulfill their elective course requirements. Students may apply up to six hours of internship and independent research credit, in any combination, toward their degree requirements. Business majors may not take any of the major courses, except the internship and study abroad courses, on a credit/no credit basis.

Suggested Order of Coursework

Year One

  • Begin general education Foundations and Cultures requirements
  • Begin and complete 100- and 200-level business major requirements

Year Two

  • Complete general education Foundations and Cultures requirements
  • Include at least one course designated as Supplemental Writing Skills
  • Begin and complete 200-level business cognate and core requirements
  • Complete the required Seidman Success Standard courses prior to the third year for access to 300-level business courses (all GPA and credit hour requirements criteria apply)

Year Three

  • Begin 300-level cognate and core requirements
  • Begin business major and elective courses (please see a Seidman College faculty mentor for guidance on elective courses)
  • Begin Issues required courses in the general education curriculum

Year Four

  • Complete Seidman College of Business major and elective courses
  • Complete the Seidman College of Business Capstone
  • Complete Issues requirements
  • Complete second Supplemental Writing Skills course

If you are in need of assistance please submit any questions or comments.