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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Educational Studies

The educational studies major is designed for students seeking certification at the elementary level. The Michigan State Board of Education sets standards for the preparation of teachers of lower and upper elementary education. Students in the educational studies program can earn certification for teaching pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade (PK-3) and/or 3rd grade through 6th grade (3-6). Students in either the PK-3 or 3-6 program also have the option of adding courses that will earn them an endorsement in special education (K-12), teaching English as a second language, or elementary Spanish.

Regardless of emphasis area, the educational studies major is designed to ensure that novice teachers are prepared to address the needs of the whole child; use relevant, research-based criteria to establish a supportive, engaging environment that fosters learning; and use practices that meet individual children's needs. Students complete several structured field experiences embedded throughout the program.


Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Elementary Teaching Major

To achieve elementary level certification, all students must also complete the pedagogical content knowledge for elementary teaching major through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Together with the educational studies major, this major offers courses that meet Michigan Department of Education Standards for the Preparation of Teachers of Lower and Upper Elementary Education.

Special Education Major

Students seeking special education teaching certification complete the PCKET major as well as an additional major in special education through the College of Education and Community Innovation. Successful completion of both the PCKET major and the special education major certifies the student to teach all subjects kindergarten through grade five, special education endorsement areas Kindergarten through 12th grade, and special education programs for adults with disabilities up to age 26. This major offers courses that meet the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education teacher preparation.

Spanish Elementary Education

Students seeking an endorsement in Spanish elementary education complete the PCKET major for PK-3 and/or 3-6, the educational studies major, and the Spanish elementary minor. Completion of these programs certifies the student to teach Spanish and other content areas in a self-contained classroom in PK-3 and/or 3-6 (as either a specialist or in a Spanish immersion classroom).

Applied Linguistics-English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL track of the applied linguistics minor is designed for students seeking PK-3 and/or 3-6 certification. Completion of the PCKET major, the educational studies major, and the ESL minor leads to teacher certification and an endorsement in ESL. Students must complete an additional credit bearing field experience to obtain the ESL endorsement teaching credential.

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