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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

CMB 452 - Computer Modeling of Biomolecules

Computational methods have expanded in scope and play a crucial role in developing quantitative models of biological systems at all levels of complexity. This course covers three groups of topics in computational structural biology: protein structure prediction, molecular simulations and structure-based drug design, focusing on sequence-structure-function relationships in biomolecules. Cross-listed with CMB 552. Offered winter semester. Prerequisites: BIO 120 (or CMB 155 and CMB 156); CHM 115, CHM 116, (CMB 250 or CHM 461), (MTH 122, MTH 123, MTH 125) or (MTH 201, MTH 202), (PHY 220, PHY 221) or (PHY 230, PHY 231), or permission of the instructor.

Credits: 3

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