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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Green Chemistry Undergraduate Certificate

A certificate in green chemistry will be a strong curricular addition to the degrees offered at GVSU. This 13 to 14 credit hour certificate in green chemistry provides students at Grand Valley State University with a foundational knowledge of green, benign chemistry and its principles. This certificate can be completed in one calendar year, if all prerequisites were completed previously.

A certificate in green chemistry is neither a major nor a minor; it can/should be used as a focus investigation area of chemistry, environmental sciences, engineering, environmental studies, or sustainability.

Requirements for a Certificate in Green Chemistry

Students must earn a bachelor's degree to earn this certificate. Students who seek a certificate in green chemistry are required to complete 12 to 13 credits from the courses as follows:

AND one of the following courses:

*CHM 399 - Readings in Chemistry, CHM 490 - Chemistry Laboratory Internship, and CHM 499 - Investigation Problems are variable credit independent study courses. Any combination of independent projects approved by the advisor adding up to three credits satisfies this requirement.

Program Description

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