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2021-2022 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Group Social Studies

Requirements for a Major in Social Studies - Secondary Emphasis

Students seeking certification must have a 3.0 GPA in the social studies major with secondary emphasis to be eligible to enter the College of Education.

B.A. Degree Requirements

Students seeking the B.A. degree must demonstrate third-semester proficiency in a foreign language.

B.S. Degree Requirements

Students seeking the B.S. degree must complete the following:

Required Courses

Social Studies

The following courses must be taken before admission to the College of Education:

The following course must be taken with or after student assisting or student teaching:

Political Science


Students must complete one of the following:



Students must complete the following courses:

Students must complete one of the following courses in the U.S. category:


Students must complete four additional history courses chosen from four of the six regional categories. Only one course (out of the four) may be at the 200-level.

Europe Category

East Asia Category

South and SW Asia Category

Africa Category

Latin America Category

U.S. Category

Group Social Studies Program Description

Click here for the program description.

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