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2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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International Business - Program Description

For additional information about opportunities your college offers, please refer to the Seidman College of Business section in this catalog.

A major in international business develops a student's ability to meet the challenges of the global business environment. The major prepares students to work for U.S. and international companies that do business everywhere by training them to identify and develop solutions to problems unique to doing business internationally. Students receive a strong foundation in international aspects of business by taking upper-level courses in international management, marketing, finance, accounting, and economics. Unique requirements of the international business major are that students must take courses that improve their cultural competencies, study a foreign language, and participate in a study abroad program.

Students pursuing an international business major must complete a second Seidman major in a functional discipline (e.g., finance, marketing, accounting, management, or economics), a minor in a foreign language or demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language, and they must participate in a GVSU-approved study abroad experience in addition to completing the B.B.A. core. For students with F1 visas, certain program requirement substitutions may be made. Students should contact the Seidman Undergraduate Student Services Office early in their program for a suggested pattern of coursework.

The following programs are available:

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

International Business Minor

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