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2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Elementary Teacher Certification - Comprehensive (CSAT) (Special Education)

The comprehensive science and arts for teaching (CSAT) major is designed for students seeking certification to teach in specialized areas at the elementary and/or middle school levels. It provides a solid foundation in subject-matter knowledge and pedagogical approaches across all content areas taught at these levels; fine arts, health and physical education, integrated science, language arts, mathematics, and social studies. Students complete several field experiences in classrooms, as well as learning to plan instruction and assessments and to understand and work with diverse populations, including extraordinary-needs learners. Our graduates have a unique combination of skills and experiences that are highly valued.

In addition to degree requirements, special education candidates must complete the CSAT major, elementary special education major, special education core curriculum, and endorsement requirements for two endorsements. Prior to beginning in the College of Education, students are expected to complete all courses in general education and the major. In addition, they must complete PSY 325, PSY 304, EDF 315, PSY 310 and/or PSY 326.

Apply to the College of Education by February 1 for fall admission.

1. Requirements for the Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching (CSAT) Major

The 46-credit CSAT major must be planned with the student's CSAT advisor. It consists of the following courses:

Language Arts


Social Studies

Integrated Science

World Languages

Fine Arts

Health and Physical Education



2. Requirements for the Certificate - Elementary Special Education Major

At least one field semester must be done in a multicultural setting. Special education candidates must meet with their advisors for the exact sequence of courses.

Prior to admission to undergraduate teacher education:

Special education major courses:

Requirements for the core curriculum in special education:

3. Requirements for Special Education Endorsements

Michigan elementary teacher certification with special education endorsements allows the holder to teach the special education endorsement areas in kindergarten through 12th grade. It also permits teaching any subject in kindergarten through fifth grade or any subject in kindergarten through eighth grade in self-contained classrooms.

Cognitive impairment (CI)
Early childhood - general and special education (ZS)
Emotional impairment (EI)
Learning disabilities (LD)

The following combinations are possible:

Special Education Courses

Cognitive Impairment (CI)

Emotional Impairment (EI)

Standard Teaching Certificate

The following are taken in the graduate special education program as part of the initial standard teaching certificate:

Early Childhood (ZS)

Student receives the early childhood ZS (general and special education) endorsement.

Students planning to complete the master's degree in early childhood (ZS) program should meet with their graduate advisor for a planned program.

Learning Disabled (LD)

The following program is designed to provide a paid school year teaching internship.

Students planning to complete the master's degree in learning disabilities should meet with their graduate advisor for a planned program.

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