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2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Chinese Studies - Program Description

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China represents one fifth of the world's population and has the world's oldest uninterrupted culture. A major unifying factor in this culture is the language, kept alive through one of the richest literary traditions of the world. Throughout much of its history, China was the most culturally, intellectually, economically, and technologically dominant civilization in Asia and the world. With the recent developments in China, the country is exerting an ever-broadening influence on the world community. The Chinese Studies major allows one to not only build a solid knowledge of China and its culture but also develop new perspectives on the U.S. culture and enriched self-understanding.

Housed in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Chinese studies major provides students who are interested in China a cross-disciplinary basis for understanding its rich cultural resources, its importance in the contemporary world, and the complexities of U.S.-China relations. At the core of the program is a strong emphasis on the language, culture, history, philosophy, and politics. Elective courses from different departments and disciplines can be combined to build a strong and personalized understanding of China. A study abroad requirement assures students a firsthand experience with the Chinese language and culture. This enables students to have a broad vision and open mind as educated persons and responsible citizens of the world.

The following program is available:

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies

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