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2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Health Communication

Requirements for a Major in Health Communication

Program Requirements for a B.A. in Health Communication

The B.A. degree in health communication requires a third-semester proficiency in a classical or modern foreign language of the student's choice.

Program Requirements for a B.S. in Health Communication

The Bachelor of Science degree in health communication requires the following three courses:

Biomedical Sciences Core Credits: 19

A higher-level laboratory biology class (such as BIO 120) can be substituted for BIO 104. A higher-level laboratory chemistry class (such as CHM 115) can be substituted for CHM 109. See the School of Communications for an evaluation and further recommendations.

Health Communication Core Credits: 27

Elective Group

(select two of four courses for 6 to 8 credits)

Note: You may consult with your faculty advisor for other possible elective courses.

Capstone Credits: 3

Health Communication Program Description

Click here for the program description.

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