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2016-2017 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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IPE 507 - Integrated Team Health Care

Interprofessional education focused on integrated patient-centered practice is key to building effective health care teams that improve the experiences and the outcomes of participants. This course will apply principles of interprofessional education, which include collaborative, egalitarian, group-directed, experiential, reflective, and applied learning with, from and about multiple health professions students. Crosslisted with IPE 507. Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisites: Nursing- NUR 366, NUR 367; Corequisites: NUR 416, NUR 417. Occupational Therapy- OST 558, OST 571, and the first three semesters of didactic curriculum. Physician Assistant-PAS 515, PAS 551; Corequisite: PAS 552. Physical Therapy- PT 675, 677, two previous clinical experiences. Social work-Corequisite: SW 671.

Credits: 2

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