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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Urban and Regional Planning Minor

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Urban and regional planning in Michigan and the nation is a dynamic and growing area of employment that is concerned with optimal and sustainable land use. Professionally trained planners strive to create better living environments for all by planning and designing smart and integrated land use systems. This process is sometimes undertaken with the assistance of public, academic, private, and community organizations.

Requirements for a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning

Students who minor in urban and regional planning are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits hours from the courses below. These 24 hours or eight (8) courses are to be completed in three (3) separate groupings. Group one consists of a six (6) credit hour core: GPY 309 and GPY 310, group two and three consists of nine (9) hours each. Select nine (9) hours or three (3) courses from group two (2) and three (3). Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to optimize course selection.

* Note. Public Administration, Marketing, Environmental Studies and Economics majors and minors need to meet with their advisors to determine under which Course Prefix (e.g. GPY, PA, MKT, ENS or ECO) to register for cross-listed courses. Failure to do so might delay degree and/or graduation completion.

Group One:

Group Two: select three out of five

Group Three: select three out of five

Geography Program Description

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