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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Master of Science in Taxation and Law

The Seidman College of Business and Michigan State University College of Law offer the dual M.S.T./J.D. The partnership enables students to transfer 12 credits of Seidman M.S.T. courses to the MSU Law J.D. program and 12 credits of J.D. credits to the M.S.T. program, thus reducing the total number of graduate credit hours required to complete both programs from 121 to 97. Prerequisites for both programs must be met in addition to the 97 graduate credits. Participating students must meet admission standards of each school and be admitted to both programs prior to registering for course work that will be transferred to either program.

The transfer work from MSU COL must include at least two tax courses. Courses not eligible for transfer are those that are required for the M.S.T. degree. Thus, students pursuing this degree will complete, in addition to the M.S.T. prerequisites, the five required core courses and two constrained electives. Specific course work to be transferred to the M.S.T. from MSU COL must be planned with the graduate programs director. Students are referred to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of MSU COL for advising with respect to the J.D. and the specific M.S.T. transfer courses.

Taxation Program Description

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