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2014-2015 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Master of Education in Instruction and Curriculum in English

The English department offers graduate courses that may be used in cooperation with the Grand Valley College of Education to fulll the requirements for an English Concentration in M.Ed. degree in instruction and curriculum.


Students apply to the College of Education for admission to the M.Ed. program. Students who elect an English concentration in that degree are assigned an advisor in the College of Education and in the English department to direct the English segment of their study within the M.Ed. program (see the section on the College of Education, The Graduate Program). Students applying for the English concentration should have an undergraduate major or minor in English or the equivalent.

Course Requirements for the English Concentration

Students must complete 15 semester credits in English approved by the English department. Those courses must be taken from the following groups of courses as indicated.

Literary periods, authors, or topics two courses from the following:

Literature focusing outside the traditional canon one course from the following:

Literary theory or genre one course from the following:

Writing or language theory one course from the following:

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