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2012-2013 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Requirements for a Major in International Relations

The international relations major leads to a B.A. degree. Students must demonstrate fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language and are strongly encouraged to undertake additional language study.

Students majoring in international relations are required to complete at least 36 credit hours, including the major requirements listed below. The remaining 15 hours should be selected from the list of international relations course electives below and must include a minimum of three hours at the 300-level or above in each of the first three categories: Economics and Business, Geography and History, and Political Science. Students should not regard this list as definitive. With the permission of the program coordinator, study abroad courses, internship credits, and upper-level GVSU courses not included in this list can be used as electives for the international relations major. These choices should be made in consultation with an advisor and approved by the program coordinator.

Core Requirements

International Relations Course Electives

A total of 15 hours must be completed.

Business and Economics Courses

Choose a minimum of one course at the 300-level or above.

Geography and History Courses

Choose a minimum of one course at the 300-level or above.

Political Science Courses

Choose a minimum of one course at the 300 level or above.

Special Topics and Independent Study (optional)

Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in International Relations

The flexibility in course selection makes it important for students to seek the advice of an International Relations faculty advisor when choosing courses to fit their specific needs and interests. No sample curriculum will be appropriate for everyone, although these general guidelines should be helpful to nearly everyone. It is also assumed that some counseling will take place to match the curriculum with career plans. We strongly recommend study abroad and an internship.

First Year Fall:

First Year Winter:

Second Year Fall:

Second Year Winter:

Third Year Fall and Winter -- Study Abroad or On Campus:

  • IR electives (15 hours total)
  • General Education (Arts, History, Science-2, or Phil/Lit)
  • General Education Theme course
  • Continue language study
  • Pursue minor if desired

Fourth Year Fall and Winter:

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