Welcome to GVSU Campus Links

What is Campus Links?

In the fall of 2012, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) introduced an innovative peer program called Campus Links. The program connects students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder with students who have been trained to serve as their coaches and mentors. Campus Links mentors help students adjust to new environments and routines more quickly in the hopes mentees will have a more fulfilling and enriching college experience. The program is unique among similar programs because the program participants — mentors and those diagnosed with ASD — have the option to cohabitate in on-campus housing and are supported by their peer mentors.

Two Tiers of Campus Links

Campus Links Red

Campus Links Red is our residential program where the mentors and mentees live in the same on-campus housing, providing daily support.

Campus Links Blue

Campus Links Blue is our non-residential program for students. This program provides support for the student without the commitment of living in specific living centers or on-campus.

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Current Participants
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What are the goals of Campus Links?

  • Retain degree-seeking undergraduate students with ASD
  • Create academic and classroom support through improved coordination of Disability Support Resources (DSR) accommodations and services
  • Facilitate a positive environment for academics
  • Respond to the individualized needs of the students
  • Support faculty members with resources to assist in the classroom

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