Campus Life Night + Student Orgs

A match made in Student Life heaven.

Two members of Subject to Change Improv comedy team at Campus Life Night 2018.

Why should I register for Campus Life Night?

Campus Life Night is the best way for your Student Org to kick off the year! Not only will there be thousands of new students but thousands of returning students dying to join your student organization. This is the single biggest event on Grand Valley campus and the perfect place to spread the word about your student org's upcoming events and initiatives.

The Men's club volleyball booth at Campus Life Night 2018.

That sounds awesome! How do I impress my fellow Lakers?

  1. Actively engage new students that are walking by.
  2. Be informed and positive to make everyone feel welcome!
  3. Have a sign-up sheet so you can follow up with potential new members.
  4. If a student doesn't seem interested or engaged, please be respectful and don't pester them.
  5. Consider bringing candy or other giveaway items to bring more people to your booth!
  6. As always, be respectful of our campus and clean up the area surrounding your booth after the event.

Pro-tip: Having an interactable for students to use (spinning wheel, game, etc.) will keep them at your booth longer. 

A spinning give away wheel at Campus Life Night 2018.

Fall 2023 CLN Registration

Register for Campus Life Night below to connect with over 4,500 students on campus. Join us Sunday, August 27, from 6-8 p.m. in Parking Lot H 1 (across from the Library).

Note: Registration is only for GVSU Student Organizations, GVSU Departments, Businesses, and Non-profits. 

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