Campus Department Campus Life Night Participation

In a continued effort to keep our Laker community safe, there will not be an in-person Campus Life Night this semester. How can campus department still reach out to students and share their valuable resources?

Involvement Flipgrid

This semester, instead of our traditional in-person Campus Life Night event, campus departments are invited to share their resources on our virtual Involvement Flipgrid. You can record a brief, 90 second or less, informational video or advertisement about what your department offers or how students can interact with your office. Here’s everything you need to know about recording and uploading your video: 

Flipgrid Campus Departments

Important Tips
  • Your video can’t be more than 90 seconds. You can create it directly on Flipgrid, or you can upload an external video if you’d like to include photos, video clips, presentation slides, or whatever else you think would help inform students about your department and encourage them to get involved. 
  • On Flipgrid, list the “display name” of your video as the name of your campus department. 
  • Once you’ve clicked on the appropriate Flipgrid link below, click the green “+” to either upload or record your video. If you’re uploading your video, click on the three dots. If you’re recording your video directly on Flipgrid, follow the prompts on the screen. 
  • Flipgrid will prompt you to take a selfie that will serve as your video’s thumbnail image. You can take a selfie if you’d like, or you can click on the three dots to upload a photo of your department's logo or a fun photo.
  • Feel free to play around with different Flipgrid features. You can add text to your thumbnail or video, insert images, or add filters. 
  • In the “title” area, please link your department's GVSU website. You can also include any social media links or your department's LakerLink page if you would like. 
What to Include in your Video
  • Your name and the name of your campus department
  • A description of what your department offers for students - programs, resources, workshops, etc.
  • How will interacting with your office enhance a student's college experience? How will they benefit from getting involved?
  • Who can students contact if they have questions or want more information?
  • What are the next steps for interested students? How can they get involved? 

Upload your video to Flipgrid through the Campus Department category.