Campus Life Night on January 12, 2024 is CANCELLED. We will not be rescheduling this event. See you in Fall 2024!

Spinning wheel game at a booth

Campus Departments at Campus Life Night

Campus Life Night is a free resource for your campus department to advertise what you offer for the semester! 

Campus Department Tips

  1. Actively engage new students that are walking by.
  2. Have a sign-up sheet or a newsletter opt in so you can follow up students.
  3. Consider bringing candy or other giveaway items to bring more people to your booth! The cooler the giveaway, the more students will search for you!
  4. Please clean up the area surrounding your booth after the event.

Pro-tip: Having an interactable for students to use (spinning wheel, game, etc.) will keep them at your booth longer. 

Winter 2024 CLN Table Registration

Table Registration for Campus Life Night 2024 is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Bri Slager ([email protected]) in the Office of Student Life to be placed on a waiting list. 

There is no registration requirement for a GVSU student to attend the event. 

Page last modified January 11, 2024