Cashless Campus Initiative

What Does Cashless Campus Mean?

In an effort to reduce contact, improve the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and increase security over transactions, GVSU will be converting to a cashless campus! Throughout the various phases in the graphic below, GVSU will no longer be accepting cash payments and will convert to the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Tap-and-Go

Cashless Campus Phase Chart

Alumni House Special Activities

Bike Shop

Box Office

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Office Suite

Department Public Safety

Family Health Center - DP Reflections

Ferguson Family Health Center

Fitness & Wellness Center

Family Health Center - Mt. Mercy

Frey Library - CHS Building

Fundraising Event

Holland Cashier

Indoor Turf Building

Injury Care Clinic

Intramural Office

Mary Idema Pew Library

Media & Event Services

Padnos International Center - Passport Fund

Pew Campus Payphone

Recreation Center - Cash Registers

Recreation Center - Change Bag

Small Business & Technology Development Center

Steelcase Library - Curriculum Materials

Steelcase Library - DeVos Center

Surplus Store Change Fund

Sustainable Ag Project

Women's Center

Alumni House Cash Bar

BDO Seidman PR Change Fund 

BDO Seidman Student Assistant Center

Conference Services

GV University Club

Hockey Club

Lakerstore - Allendale

Lakerstore - Allendale Change Orders

Lakerstore - DeVos

Meadows ProShop

Student Assistance Center

Athletics - Fundraising

Athletics - Parking

Athletics - Ticket Sales

Development - Fundraising

Louie's Locker Room

Converting to Cash is As Easy As...

GVSU Kiosk Promo

Why are we going cashless?

  1. To improve the student experience.
  2. To reduce security risks for handling cash.
  3. To mitigate campus health and safety considerations.
  4. To streamline campus operations and enhance internal controls. 

What if I Only Have Cash on Campus?

For students and guests on campus, GVSU will have access to self-service Cash to Card Kiosk ATM kiosks that convert cash to prepaid cards! Cash can be converted to cards at kiosks in under 30 seconds! Cards can be loaded up to $500.00 and there are no fees to use each card.

Kiosk locations are currently being determined; this section will be updated with locations when fully implemented.

General Questions

  • Improve speed of student and guest transactions
  • Improve safety of students and employees
  • Reduce contact
  • Improve accountability and internal control
  • Improved security over transactions

    Studies show that it is best to expose those without bank accounts to the banking system early in life in order to improve financial literacy. By partnering with the Money Smart Lakers initiative, GVSU hopes to improve confidence of unbanked students and educate them in financial literacy and banking.

Phase 1 – Spring of 2021 to Summer of 2021

Phase 2 – Summer of 2021 to Fall of 2021

Phase 3 – Summer of 2021 to Winter of 2021

If a student or guest only has cash, they can visit one of our Cash to Card Kiosk ATM kiosks to convert cash to a prepaid card.

Credit Card

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay


Have questions about how to get a bank account or other personal finance related questions? Our Money Smart Lakers Program can help! You can reach them at 616-331-3234,, or visit their website

Yes, checks will be accepted as another form of payment. (except at food service)

Kiosk and Card Questions

Cash to Card Kiosk ATM kiosk locations are located within:   

  1. Kirkhof Center  (South Entrance)
  2. Laker Market Place (Main Entrance)
  3. Devos Center Bld. C (Outside “U” Club Room)

There is no fee to convert your cash to a prepaid card at a kiosk on campus.

Each prepaid card can be loaded up to $500.00 USD.

No, prepaid cards cannot be reloaded after the initial activation.

Yes, anywhere that Visa and MasterCard are accepted!

Yes, you can pay on your student account with a prepaid card. However, you will still be charged a $20.00 fee for a card payment on your student account.
Effective October 1, 2021, GVSU will be converting the current $20 flat fee for credit card transactions to a 1% fee on the total credit card transaction.  This fee structure reflects a fair distribution of the cost sharing of credit card transactions fees with the University for card holders that take advantage of this convenient payment method. Most higher education institutions pass the entire cost of this credit card fee to the customer but GVSU currently does not.  

If you lose your prepaid card, you can contact our kiosk provider.

  1. Website:
  2. Phone Number: 1-800-506-0630

You can check the balance of your card by calling the phone number on the back of your card!

  1. Phone Number: 1-800-506-0630

Troubleshooting, card disputes, and general help can be found with our kiosk provider! The contact information is:

  1. Website:
  2. Phone Number: 1-800-506-0630

What other Universities have gone cashless?

A number of universities across the country have or are converting to a cashless campus. Here are just a few.

  • North Carolina State
  • Vanderbilt
  • UT-Knoxville
  • Suffolk
  • Miami University (Ohio)

Use it anywhere!

On or off campus

GVSU Student providing card

Hand providing card

GVSU Student sitting at desk doing a cashless transaction on mobile phone with GVSU coffee mug on desk

Student performing cashless transaction on mobile phone outside with coffee cup on table

To pay for tuition

To pay for events with friends

To pay for GVSU merchandise

To pay for a cup of coffee