Below is a tentative list of sessions for BUGMI 2018. Sessions may be added an removed before the conference. A set schedule of sessions and their time slot will be added at a later date.


Ellucian will be delivering the opening keynote on Friday morning.

Banner 9 and Beyond: Vision for the Future
Banner 9 is here and ready for you with an innovative and new interface, options to improve extensibility, and significantly improved access for all users.  Join us to learn how Banner 9 will make it easier to get things done within your institution both for your staff, faculty and students.  We will also go over where Banner is headed in the future.

In addition, the following Ellucian employees will be attending BUGMI 2018 and may also have sessions.

  • Michelle Saigh, Director of Product Manager

  • Gideon Sanstra, Director of Customer Success – Global Services

  • Nick Davidson, Account Executive

  • Trish Stewart, Director, Customer Success

Accounts Receivable

Follow the Money
Departments and teams around campus want to take money. Oftentimes, each payment point is a separate configuration with its own related systems that need updating. Payment points are silos around campus through natural decisions made over years or even decades. As the number of areas collecting money increases, so does the complexity of following the money while complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. 

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Accounts Receivable
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.


Adding ReCAPTCHA to Self-Service Admissions
Several Banner schools hit in 2017 with a deluge of fake applications, including LCC.  We addressed them manually at first, then by scripting.  Finally the security chief shut off applications from abroad.  After some discussion, we decided we needed to incorporate ReCAPTCHA into our Self-Service application to screen out bots.
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Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Admissions
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.

Advancement/Alumni Relations

Stewardship Letter Generation with Argos
This presentation will demonstrate the use of a Stewardship Argos Datablock for Banner Advancement. It will cover the original need for improvements, the conversion from MS Access, the building of the report query, creating the banded report, and using the letter generation feature. It will also make note of improvements that were made along to emphasize the importance of continued maintenance.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Advancement/Alumni Relations
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.


My Requisitions for Banner 9 Self Service
See how My Requisitions for Banner 9 Self Service works.  Fine out what choices are available when setting up My Requisitions.

My Finance Query
Come see how My Finance Query for Banner 9 Self Service works and what options there are for setting it up.  A group discussion is encouraged.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Finance
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.

Financial Aid

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Financial Aid
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.


myName (Preferred Name) Implementation @ GVSU
GVSU recently went live with the collection of a preferred first name and preferred last name in SSB, as well as a Banner Workflow approval process and storage of the data in INB.  Representatives from IT, HR and Student areas will share an overview of the implementation (testing, lessons learned, etc.), communications, the current process and touch on plans for upcoming phases.

Advising Appointments & Case Management
E2E Advising is an enterprise solution for comprehensive student success and appointment scheduling platform that offers a two-way sync with advisors calendar (Microsoft Outlook / Google) in real-time.  Our FERPA and ADA-compliant appointment scheduling and case management platform has been designed and developed exclusively for Higher education.  Empower your students to self-schedule advising appointments by viewing and booking appointments online and having those appointments straight into an advisors calendar in a matter of minutes. Students get email and text notifications, reminders and much more. Plus, you can collect data for your advising assessment purposes.  Join us on June 22 from #TIME# to see Appointment Manager in action!

Human Resources/Payroll

What’s New with Banner Human Resources?
Join us to learn more about what’s here and what’s coming for Banner Human Resources. View the new modernized user interface, improved accessibility and usability improvements to help all users.  See key examples of the forms.  We will explore the new functionalities like consolidated Employee Self-service, and enhanced Effort Reporting and Labor Redistribution

Automating The Tuition Waiver Process
In this presentation, we will discuss how Ferris was able to use a web form and Banner Workflow to automate the tuition waiver process, eliminating the need for a paper form.
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eBenefits- GVSU's Benefits Enrollment System
A demonstration of GVSU's homegrown benefits enrollment system will be given. Integration will Banner will be discussed.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Human Resources/Payroll
Birds of a Feather (BOF) hosted by a facilitator (track chair), open discussion between institutions.

Student Records & Registration

Reporting Using the CPA tables in Degree Works
Did you ever wonder what type of reporting is possible beyond Transit? The canned Transit reports are helpful but do not take advantage of the CPA (Curriculum Planning Assistant) tables. This presentation will cover why the CPA tables should be turned on, how much additional server resources (storage, RAM, CPU) is required and how long it will take to fill the tables. We will also share reports we generated using the tables as well as general reports including tips and tricks for making sure you have chosen the correct data (We will share the SQL code for the report).
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Discussion about IPEDS reporting
We spend a lot of time pulling data for IPEDS reports and other surveys throughout the year. One day someone said Banner has vanilla reports that may save us time. We have experimented with the queries and reports but would love to hear how others may be using them. Lets get together and discuss aspects of Banner reports specifically for IPEDS reporting. Many minds are better than one, besides, why recreate the wheel if someone else has had the experience? In this session we will have conversations about who has used vanilla Banner reports; what are the lessons learned, both positive and negative; and how can we ease the burden of reporting using Banner reports (or not). This will be a discussion group.

Creating an Academic Advisor Toolkit with Evisions Argos
Learn how Oakland University is using Evisions Argos to create an Academic Advisor Toolkit. This Toolkit will replace Banner Relationship Manager, which is no longer supported, and will be the place where all advising and student support notes go. This is a solution that was developed in response to a problem. But not only does this solution solve the problem, its actually much better than what its replacing.

The development of the Toolkit involved both technical and functional users and will be used by dozens of advisors and student support service professionals. It features multiple forms, multiple data connections and relies heavily on a few SQL variables both for pulling information and for inserting notes into the database tables. Where advisors currently have to work in multiple systems to piece the information together, this new solution enables them to get all of that information in one place  Argos.

Building for Outcomes: Using Motivis Learning to Create an Engaging and Effective Student Experience
Students and employers increasingly demand a greater range of options to provide clearer return on their education investments and to drive learning across a lifetime.  Likewise, accreditors are raising standards, requiring more extensive evidence to demonstrate educational impact. In responding to these demands, higher education institutions are hampered by inflexible legacy technologies that reinforce the status quo rather than enable innovation.

In this session, Motivis Learning will show how its partners are overcoming those obstacles and creating innovative programs built around learning outcomes. By using the Motivis platform, which combines a learning management system (LMS), coaching and advising tools, scheduling and registration capabilities, and a social learning community, Motivis has helped higher education institutions capture a comprehensive view of the student experience and build innovative learning experiences -- from competency-based to experiential to micro-credentials --  that meet the needs and expectations of modern learners.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) - Student Records & Registration


Why can't Banner do that? or The Unexpected Virtue of Modding Banner 9
In this session, I will discuss the structure of Banner 9 self-service applications and show how custom code can be inserted to modify Banner for the needs of an institution. There will also be a brief overview of how Groovy/Grails and AngularJS work.
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From DBA to Director - Choosing to change careers
I would share my journey from an individual performer career (Banner DBA) to a leadership career in the hopes to inform anyone else who might be considering a similar path or not. I would likely talk about my history leading up to the role change, the development path I took, the career plan I have now. I would also talk about what to expect, some of the challenges to look out for, some of the highs and lows.

I would also want to spend a portion of time answering any questions and provide advice for specific circumstances if anyone wants to ask.

Creating a Data Warehouse Banner Archive
Walking technical users through the process of how Hope College created a Banner table archive store of Banner table data and row-level changes in preparation of building our Data Warehouse and the challenges and pitfalls that we ran into along the way.  We did this in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, but wherever possible, I will try to keep this at a process level so that it can be applied to other ETL tools.
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Moving Self Service Banner 8 to Tomcat
Hear the experiences of Earlham College as they move Banner 8 Self Service to tomcat.  The presentation will be a step by step guide to setting up Oracle REST Data Services (ords) to handle Banner 8 SSB and how to set up tomcat to handle the New Banner 9 applications.  The presentation will also touch on how to setup the applications behind an HAProxy server and the proxy settings needed to make it work. Also, how to set up multiple tomcat bases in one tomcat home. Join Dean Hamann, a former Weblogic advocate, as he talks about his experiences with Tomcat.
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Banner Technical Session: Q&A
Get your questions answered about Banner, from a technical perspective.

Extensibility 101
Banner Extensibility provides tools for extending baseline Banner to offer institution-specific functionality that persists across upgrades without the need for traditional customizations.  Get an in-depth understanding of when and how to use each of the extensibility tools

The Connected Campus using the Ellucian Ethos Platform
The Ellucian Ethos Platform is a collection of features and cloud services designed to enable the modern campus and bring people, applications, and processes into a unified understanding. In this session we will discuss how the Ellucian Ethos Platform can help make systems integrations easier, break down data silos and transform how you manage business processes at your institution.

Managing your projects and tickets the Agile way
At EMU we are figuring out a way to manage our project inventory using some principles of Agile methodology. If you would like to find out how we are accomplishing this and how it is working for us come join us for a presentation on how we have come this far and what our challenges and successes have been.

Migration from Weblogic to Tomcat
Ellucian has required use of an application server from Oracle since the first days of Banner INB/SSB. We're finally at a point in the Banner 9 transition where we can look at life without Weblogic. What services can we migrate to Tomcat, how would we go about that migration, and what are some tips for managing Tomcat servers?

Cloud for Campus: Building a Practical Path to a Modern Enterprise Cloud
Lift and Shift in practice: How schools are migrating Banner by Ellucian to the Oracle Public Cloud.
How cloud enables both large and small institutions to augment and elevate existing services while thoughtfully addressing new cloud-based opportunities.
Why Oracle's Autonomous Database Cloud can help IT leaders prevent human error, reduce costs and mitigate cybersecurity issues.

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