A Decade of Upheaval: Grand Rapids Women and Public Office in the 1910s

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Friday, March 26, 2021 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


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“A Decade of Upheaval: Grand Rapids Women and Public Office in the 1910s” documents local women’s electoral history during a decade beginning in peace and prosperity but ending in war and pandemic. Through it all, Grand Rapids women pushed beyond earlier races restricted to school board positions to campaigns for state-level offices and, eventually, for national office. Using the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council’s new webpage Women Who Ran , long-time member of the GGRWHC Jo Ellyn Clarey will take us back to a heady decade when increasing numbers Grand Rapids women stepped up their political game, claimed party affiliations, and carried their concerns and visions into public office.

By profession a literary scholar, Clarey has redirected her path into the world of local women’s history in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she has been dedicated to crediting early area women as community builders. For the Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council, she works to advance long-term projects highlighting the roles of local women in the Michigan suffrage movement; to oversee a complete electoral history of the city’s women; and to organize research on U.S. women’s immense, but little known, work during WWI. She also has served as a director of the Grand Rapids Historical Society, the Grand Rapids Historical Commission, and as liaison to the Michigan Women's Studies Association, whose statewide conference she has chaired. 

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Hosted by the Kutsche Office of Local History. This webinar is part of the Grand Rapids Time Traveler Series.


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