Charter of the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)



Grand Valley State University Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA).


The purpose of this Association shall be to:

Section 1. Build and Create a Sense of Community

  1. Develop a community and support network that nurtures Black faculty and staff as a visible and vibrant part of the GVSU environment and leadership
  2. Provide professional and personal support to GVSU Black faculty and staff by
    1. Create an authoritative website (maintained by a webmaster)
      1. To inform and promote Black faculty and staff involvement in academic and professional activities, outreach service and efforts at the campus, regional, national and international levels
      2. To act as a repository for Black resources
  3. Give voice to the concerns of the Black faculty and staff on campus
    1. Through the establishment of a Black Advisory for the Office of Inclusion and Equity

Section 2. Advocate for, and Support the Recruitment, Retention and Advancement of GVSU Black Faculty and Staff

  1. Support the growth and professional development of Black faculty and staff
    1. Work with the Division of Inclusion and Equity to insure inclusion advocates are being used effectively
    2. Ensure that we provide sustained mentorship for new Black faculty and staff through the progression of our careers
    3. Work with APPD committee and HR staff to ensure they are meeting the needs and interests of Black faculty and staff
  2. Work with GVSU administration on issues relating to the Black faculty and staff recruitment, retention, engaging and advancement
    1. Appoint the co-chairs to work directly with the vice president for Division Inclusion and Equity
    2. Work with I&E and HR staff to ensure we are recruiting, retaining, engaging, and advancing of Black faculty and staff
    3. Promote and celebrate GVSU Black faculty and staff contributions and achievements
    4. Aggressively advocate for funding to support Black faculty and staff recruitment, retention, engaging and advancement

Section 3. Advocate for, and Support the Recruitment, Retention and Graduation of Black Students

  1. Support the university’s initiatives to increase the recruitment and retention of Black students.
  2. Support the university’s existing programs, services and organizations that work directly with prospective and current Black students.
  3. Work with university programs, services and organizations to increase Black student participation.

Section 4. Network and Collaborate

  1. Network and collaborate with other Black faculty and staff affinity groups in Western Michigan.
  2. Support campus community engagement by developing and strengthening collaborative relationships between the University and the West Michigan Black community.
  3. Provide opportunities for social and professional networking.
  4. Network and collaborate with other GVSU affinity groups.


Section 1. The membership of this Association is open to all faculty and staff of Grand Valley State University.

Section 2.  Eligible Voting Members will consist of GVSU’s faculty and staff that are current members of the BFSA’s e-mail discussion list. 


Section 1. The officers of the Association shall consist of two Co-Chairpersons, along with a faculty Co-Chairperson, a Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Social Committee, and Historian. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association.

Section 2. The Co-Chairpersons shall appoint an Elections Task Force in February. The Elections Task Force will issue a call for nominations of candidates for the positions to be filled. Candidates will submit a brief statement of qualifications. The Elections Task Force shall report the names of qualified candidates to the membership.

Section 3. The election of officers shall be by ballot of the majority of the eligible voting membership each March. Officers will serve according to the terms of each office.

Section 4. The Co-Chairpersons will serve a two-year staggered term.  

  1. Call and conduct meetings of the Executive Board and general membership of BFSA.
  2. Carry out all the orders of the Executive Board and resolutions of the Association.
  3. Represent the Association in all matters. Supervise and direct all efforts of BFSA.
  4. Develop agendas for all meetings.
  5. Establish committees and task forces.
  6. One Co-chair signs, with the Treasurer, all checks issued in the name of the BFSA.
  7. Sign all contracts approved by the Association or the Executive Board.
  8. Call special meetings of the Executive Board as needed.


Section 5. The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall serve a two-year term. The term of office shall begin in May. The duties of the Recording Secretary shall be:

  1. Keep a record of all proceedings of general membership meetings and the Executive Board meetings.
  2. Keep minutes of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings
  3. Perform any other duties assigned by the Co-Chairpersons.
  4. Act as webmaster.
  5. Report on all incoming correspondence to the membership at regular meetings.
  6. Prepare and distribute notices, agendas, etc., in a timely fashion.
  7. Maintain a membership roster that will include name, department, email address and phone number.
  8.  Perform any other duties assigned by the Co-Chairpersons.


Section 6. The Treasurer shall serve a two-year term. The term of office shall begin in May. The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  1. Collect moneys as required.
  2. Manage an association account through the Division of Inclusion and Equity, including submitting an annual fiscal report to the Executive Board.
  3. Sign all check requests for expenditures along with the Co-Chairpersons.
  4. Keep an up-to-date account of all expenditures.
  5. Prepare an annual fiscal report to submit to the Chairpersons and membership.


Section 7.  The Historian shall serve a two-year term.  The term of office shall begin in May. The duties of the Historian shall be:

  1. Keeps account of the association’s records and documents (e.g., Charter, awards, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  2. Thoroughly documents all events through photographs, video or written descriptions.
  3. Creates a physical or digital repository that tells the association’s story for the year.


Section 8. The Social Committee shall serve a two-year term. The term of office shall begin in May. The duties of the Social Committee shall be:

  1. Plans the social activities of the association.
  2. Works in conjunction with the treasurer and the co-chairs to stay within a selected budget.
  3. Keeps the sign in sheet at all functions.
  4. Works to plan the Black Graduation Celebration each year.


Section 9.  A member cannot hold more than one office at a time, unless there is no one available to fill that position, and no member will be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office, unless there is no one to fill that position. If a member is unable to continue serving on the Board, s/he will be replaced by the first runner-up in the election and will continue to serve until the term has expired.


Section 1. The Co-Chairpersons, Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Social Committee, and Historian of the Association shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association, determine hours and meeting location, make recommendations to the Association, and perform other duties as are specified by this Charter. The Board shall be subject to the orders of the Association. The Board shall act as the official representative of the Association for purposes of: communication with GVSU administration other campus organizations or their officers, and news media.

Section 3. Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held monthly (except in July). Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Co-Chairpersons.


Section 1. Meetings will be conducted in accordance with this Charter and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 2. The general membership meetings of the Association shall be held in September, December, February and April of each year, unless additional meetings are requested by the Executive Board or one-third of the membership of the Association.

Section 3. All meetings will have an agenda and business will be conducted in the following sequence: Call to Order, Guest Speaker (if one is present), approval of past meeting minutes, Co-Chairperson’s report, Secretaries’ Reports, Treasurer’s Report, Social Committee Report, Historian’s Report, Committee/Tasks Force Reports, Old Business, New Business, Announcements, Adjournment.

Section 4. The Executive Board will meet monthly from August through June of each year.

Section 5. Special meetings may be called by Co-Chairpersons or the Executive Board.


Section 1. The Executive Board shall appoint committees or sub-committees as deemed necessary.

Section 2. Standing Committees. Two such committees shall exist:

  1. Annual Welcome Reception- This committee will be responsible with planning and executing the annual reception for faculty and staff to occur each Fall in support of Article II, Sections 2 and 4.
  2. Students of Color Graduation-This committee will work in conjunction with the appropriate campus offices/entities to help host the celebration in support of Article II, section 3.


The Charter may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of members present at meeting.  The proposed amendment must be submitted to the membership at least one meeting of the membership prior to the amendments being submitted to a vote. The Charter will be reviewed at least every two (2) years.

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