The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate is offered by the academic unit of Geography and Planning and contains the following courses that incorporate Big Data.

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GPY 200 - Computer Cartography

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of computer cartography. We explore various techniques for the analysis, manipulation, and visualization of spatial data. Topics include earth models, datums, map projection, coordinate systems, map types, spatial and statistical data analysis, cartographic generalization/symbolization, data classification, cartographic design, and thematic mapping. Fulfills Foundation - Mathematical Sciences. Offered fall and winter semester.

Prerequisites: MTH 110.

Credits: 3

GPY 307 - Introduction to Computer Mapping/Geographic Information Systems

Basic hands-on approach to computer mapping and geographic information systems. Class work focuses on natural and social science examples of mapping and geographic information systems. Offered fall and winter semester.

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

Credits: 0 or 3

GPY 365 - GIS for Economic & Business Decision Making

Explores the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in economic and business decision making, including market area analysis, geodemographic segmentation, site selection, routing, customer profiling, sales territory management, and location strategies. Emphasis on hands-on activities. Problem-based learning approach. Course is cross-listed with MKT 365. Part of the Information, Innovation, and Technology Issue.

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Credits: 3

GPY 370 - Introduction to Remote Sensing

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of remote sensing and digital image processing technology. Topics include the remote sensing process, physical principles of remote sensing, major remote sensing systems, remote sensing data formats, image processing, and remote sensing applications in geography and other social sciences. Offered fall semester.

Credits: 3

GPY 407 - Advanced GIS

An advanced level GIS course emphasizing decision analysis through applications of spatial statistics and geospatial modeling. Topics include multivariate statistics, error assessment and propagation, fuzzy logic, uncertainty and decision risk in GIS modeling, location analysis, and terrain modeling using industry standard GIS software. Offered winter semester.

Prerequisites: GPY 307.

Credits: 4

GPY 470 - Digital Image Processing

Provides theory and applications of digital image processing techniques. Focuses on the methodologies of thematic extraction of environmental information using computer-based image processing systems and interface between GIS and remote sensing. Topics include image enhancement, multispectral classification algorithms, and model development. Offered winter semester of odd-numbered years.

Prerequisites: MTH 110, GPY 370, NRM 350, or permission of instructor.

Credits: 3

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