COVID-19 & Big Data Repository

This is a curated page of links to websites and articles that would be of interest to faculty, staff, and students at GVSU and elsewhere.  Please send suggestions for additions to Ed Aboufadel.

Data Visualizations


Data and Challenges

  • open access dataset on GitHub
  • Foot traffic to businesses and consumer points of interest -- charts and a data request form, from SafeGraph.
  • The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19).  “The CORD-19 dataset consists over 29,000 articles, among which 13,000 have full text. All of these articles are related to the study of coronavirus, such as case reports, transmission routines, environmental factors, and treatment strategy explorations.”  The challenge is to use apply machine learning techniques to these articles to answer 10 scientific questions identified by the World Health Organization.  For details:

Other Collections and Teaching Resources


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