Print and Drawing Cabinet

The GVSU Art Collection Print and Drawing Cabinet was created from several exceptional gifts of prints, drawings, and photographs. The first of these donations, made in 2001 by the English-born, Dutch artist Cyril Lixenberg, consists of more than 300 of his own silk screen prints. The gift includes every print produced in the course of his notable 40-year career and is continually augmented by the artist.

In 2002, the growing Cabinet collection was further enhanced by the Brooks family’s donation of 500 prints by contemporary Dutch artists. Their gift also included sufficient funding to help establish the set up for a permanent Print & Drawing Cabinet. One year later, faculty members Ann and David Keister pledged a gift of several hundred Master Printer’s Proofs by contemporary American artists.

In addition to these donations, the collection has grown through acquisitions of original broadsides by Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, works on paper by the contemporary Russian husband and wife team, Olga and Alexander Florensky, Chinese Calligraphy by various contemporary masters, and the Lyle Rouse Vintage Postcard collection.

Print and Drawing Cabinet
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Schedule Viewing Appointment

The public is invited for private viewing of the Print and Drawing Cabinet by appointment. To schedule an appointment please contact the Gallery at (616) 331-3638.


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Nicole Webb
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