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Function or Submarine: New Work by Hoon Lee - exhibit opening

Exhibit Opening Reception on September 4, 2008.

Friday, August 22 - Friday, September 26 - The GVSU Art Gallery began a new season with an exhibit that payed tribute to both traditional and modern techniques in ceramics. Artists have been creating ceramics in Korea since about 6000 BC. This exhibit included ceramic art based on celadon from the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) and buncheong from the Choseon Dynasty (1392-1910), as well as modern techniques. Lee has been coordinator of the ceramics program since coming to Grand Valley's Department of Art & Design in 2004. The Korean-born artist works primarily at performance-based installations, though his vast interest and experience in ceramics play a role in many of his projects. Of the many pieces created for the exhibit, one non-ceramic piece rose above the others. Hanging from the ceiling of the exhibit was a 12-foot submarine skeleton Lee fashioned from thin strips of bamboo, in part as a tribute to the bamboo tools used in ceramics. "A submarine is a special type of container whose shape resembles the traditional bottles of early Korean ceramics," said Lee. "I thought it would also be a fun way to make reference to the many pieces of ceramics on the sea floor from sunken ships that imported Korean ceramics to Japan centuries ago.

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