Native American Occupations at the Ada Site

February 09, 2018

Lynn Chapman presents Native American Occupations at the Ada Site!

The talk will be on Wednesday, February 14, at 7 pm, 149 Lake Michigan Hall.

The Ada Site (20KT36) is a multicomponent site located in Kent County, MI. The site is now mostly destroyed, but analysis of collections made by avocational archaeologists reveal five distinct occupations:
Early Archaic; circa 6000B.C. Middle Woodland; ca 100B.C.-200A.D. Early Late Woodland; 500-1200A.D. Late Prehistoric; 1450A.D. and a post 1760 Late Historic Ottawa village.

Focus of the talk will be on the nature of the site and the late prehistoric occupation.

Sponsored by the W.L. Coffinberry Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society.

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