Additional Opportunities

Hometown Hero

As a Hometown Hero you have the opportunity to visit your former high school and share your Laker Effect.
This event is under your control! You pick the time that works for you and your high school! 

Step One
The Presentation


If interested in Hometown Heroes, please email Danielle Purlee at [email protected] to receive the presentation.

This presentation is here to help give you talking points for your Hometown Hero event. This presentation should not be altered, but you can put your own spin on it. Included in the presentation are notes and tips on what to share. 

Not every Hometown Hero visit will be this formal. Some visits may just be you in a room just discussing your Laker Effect with interested students.

Please use this as a guideline to understand the goal of this event and what information should be shared.

Step Two
Contact the School


Sample Email Script

Please feel free to use this sample email script to contact your former high school.

If you have a personal teacher/counselor contact, you may reach out to them. If you do not have a close contact at the school, you will want to contact the guidance office. There is usually one counselor in charge of scheduling college-related visits.

When contacting the school, make sure it is clear that you are a current GVSU Student Ambassador. Once you have your day and time scheduled, please email Danielle Purlee at [email protected].

Step Three


Know your Laker Effect.

The goal of this event is to share your Laker Effect with students from your former high school.

Talk about your experiences, opportunities at the University, programs and majors, and offer advice on how to be successful. Keep in mind why you became a Student Ambassador. Why did you choose GVSU? Who or what has helped ensure your success? If you could go back, what would you tell yourself as a high school junior or senior?

Please let Danielle Purlee know if you have any questions or concerns!

Page last modified May 18, 2023