Frequently Asked Questions

What are Student Ambassadors responsible for?

Student Ambassadors voluntarily assist the Admissions office, and with a variety of recruitment events. They generally act as tour guides and student panelists. There are 

What is the purpose of Student Ambassadors?
Each year, more guests plan visits to Grand Valley State University. The Student Ambassador program allows the Admissions office to facilitate the ever-growing population of visitors each year with events where current students can give campus tours and participate in student panels. Students also have the opportunity to share their GVSU experience with prospective students by speaking at the high school they attended. 

What is the expected time commitment for Student Ambassadors?

There is no specific time commitment associated with Student Ambassadors. Students are able to volunteer based on their availability throughout the year. 

What events do Student Ambassadors assist with?

Student Ambassadors voluntarily assist the Admissions office in a variety of recruitment events. They help with Laker Experience Days, Admitted Student Days and other various Admissions events. 

Are Student Ambassadors paid?

Student Ambassadors are not paid for their service. It is a volunteer organization coordinated through the Admissions office. There are other non-monetary rewards however, including: GVSU apparel, free lunch on campus, etc. 

What types of students typically join Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors should be positive and outgoing, and have a deep admiration for Grand Valley State University. They should be comfortable speaking in front of both small and large groups of prospective students and their families. They should be excited about sharing their GVSU experience.

If I am a freshman, can I join Student Ambassadors?

It is possible to join Student Ambassadors as a Freshman. However, because the role integrates personal experience with GVSU facts, freshmen are encouraged to wait to give their first tour until the second semester. Freshman are still able to volunteer in the admissions office in different ways though. 

How do I become a Student Ambassador?

You must first apply to become a Student Ambassador. Applications can be found online.

Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding Student Ambassadors?

Please contact Danielle Purlee in the Office of Admissions at [email protected] or by phone at (616) 331-3354.

Page last modified November 14, 2023