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Map marker clustering in React Native just got easier

March 28, 2022

Maps play an integral part in many applications today. React Native applications was originally created by Airbnb and is the most popular - but it's not perfect.

YouBrush - Dental Hygiene Refined. Using Machine Learning & Gamification

December 13, 2021

YouBrush is a mobile app developed by the GVSU ACI and aims to promote better dental hygiene by leveraging Machine learning and Gamification.

Preventing the spread of Covid-19 with an Apple Watch and a bit of machine learning

January 18, 2021

Covid-19 has been a major disruption world-wide for the past year. A team of GVSU computer science students spent time last fall aiming to disrupt the spread of Covid-19 via machine learning and wearable technologies.

DevOps Experiential Learning Opportunity!

July 23, 2020

Are you an undergraduate admitted into a GVSU School of Computing degree program and interested in DevOps? Michigan Software Labs of Ada, Michigan, is partnering with GVSU�s Applied Computing Institute to provide undergraduate computing students a uniqu

GVSU team explores mobile app solution for culinary industry

January 30, 2020

hen Matthew Neele, founder of ÔRKiD a startup in the culinary industry, needed a mobile app experience prototyped, he turned to GVSU's Applied Computing for assistance.

Mobile App Helps Collect Data for Training Whirlpool Smart Appliance Machine Learning Algorithms

January 17, 2020

Whirlpool's smart appliances are revolutionizing the way everyday consumers interact with their household products. The objectives of Whirlpool's Smart Counter Top Oven include a breakthrough user experience.

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