ACI Student Research Dissemination Grant

Publishing research work is a valuable professional experience and often the culmination of a research project.  The purpose of these awards is to encourage the presentation (either in oral or poster format) of a research project at an academic conference by expanding upon the funding provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship or the Graduate School at GVSU.

Applications for the grant will be accepted on a per-quarter basis throughout the year (July-September, October-December, January-March, and April-June). Applications will be reviewed by the ACI Student Research Dissemination Grant committee.  Initial review of applications will begin 5 weeks into the allotted quarter, with further applications being reviewed as they are submitted and as funds are available.

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Grant Requirements

Proof that the paper/poster has been accepted for presentation.  It must come from the conference and include your name, title of the presentation, and name of the conference.  In some cases (conferences with short turn-around times) applications can be submitted before acceptance, but funds will be conditional upon acceptance and no expenses will be reimbursed if the presentation is not accepted.  Under no circumstances should purchases be made prior to acceptance.

A breakdown of the cost of attendance and other funding received for attending the conference.  This should include the total overall cost and a description of other funding obtained.  You must exhaust all other funding first and provide proof of application and response letter for Academic Conference Fund, emails documenting availability of, or lack thereof, dissemination funds associated with GVSU grants, etc. when applying.

Recommendation of your GVSU computing faculty mentor.

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