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Explore business on a global scale at GVSU.

International Business, B.B.A.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in international business prepares students for the challenges of doing business in a complex and exciting global economy. Students learn to analyze problems unique to international business and develop technically and culturally appropriate solutions to them.

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Available as a minor.

Program Overview

Students majoring in IB graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree, which is AACSB accredited. Requirements include:

  • Upper division IB coursework
  • Cultural component
  • Second business major
  • Study abroad program
  • Foreign language minor

There is secondary admission to this program.

Why Study International Business at Grand Valley?

  • Faculty members have worked and/or consulted with local, national, and international companies. They are specialists in international business and have strong academic credentials.
  • Small class sizes mean that professors get to know and be more engaged with students.
  • Courses integrate the latest technologies via the Internet, e-commerce, and enterprise resource planning.
  • We help students find internships that relate to their functional specialty of interest in international business. They gain valuable business experience while managing their class and study schedules.
  • Study abroad programs prepare students for a global economy and society, as they live within another culture and meet people from around the world. GVSU has study abroad programs in 34 countries.

Career Insights

This tool shows an overview of potential career opportunities for this major. Actual salaries, employment opportunities, and job titles may change over time.

Location & Format

All undergraduate students begin their academic career on the Allendale Campus. Students in this major continue their upper division studies downtown on the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

  • Face To Face


IB program requirements include:

  • International accounting
  • International economic issues
  • International financial management
  • Multinational marketing
  • International management
  • International human resources

Combined Degree Programs

This undergraduate degree can be combined with a master's degree to save you time and money, and get you into the workforce sooner. On average, students save $8,500 in our combined degree programs and take up to four fewer classes than if earning the degrees separately.

You can even build your own combined degree from programs in different disciplines to further personalize your education and meet specific career goals.

Admission Requirements

Direct Admission

Each year, the Seidman College of Business admits a select few students directly into the business college as first-year students. This honor is reserved for students who have a 26 or higher composite score on the ACT, or a score of 1240 and higher on the SAT, and a 3.5 or higher high school GPA. 

Secondary Admission

For students not admitted as first-year students, the Seidman College of Business's admission criteria require students to have

  1. completed at least 55 semester hours (junior status);
  2. achieved a 2.5 or higher overall GPA; and
  3. completed select courses with a 2.5 or higher combined GPA. Transfer student grades for comparable classes being transferred into Grand Valley will be used to calculate this combined GPA.

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For More Information

Seidman College of Business
50 Front Avenue SW
(616) 331-7500

Admissions Office


“Business is global. Employers need solutions to manage international customers, vendors, employees, and competition. A B.B.A. in International Business from GVSU prepares talent to perform in high value, high responsibility roles that meet these challenges.”