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Biology, B.A., B.S.

Biology is an exciting and dynamic field focusing on the study of living things and their environments. The Biology Department creates an inclusive learning environment, engaging in critical inquiry, extending scientific knowledge and practices to foster energized citizens, and mentoring creative, competent professionals in biological and natural resource sciences.

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Biology, M.S.

Biology is an exciting and dynamic field focusing on the study of living things and the environments they inhabit. Graduates are successfully employed as natural resource managers, environmental consultants, fisheries and wildlife biologists, and ecologists at local, state, and federal levels. Many of our students obtain doctorate degrees.

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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, B.S.

The Great Lakes are arguably our most valuable natural resource in the Midwest, so their protection and sustainable use are keys to the prosperity and well-being of future generations. The need for trained aquatic science professionals has increased steadily as pressure on and impacts to our water resources have increased.

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Water Resource Policy, M.S.

Water is a critical component for life. Even today, water conflict already exists in seemingly water-rich states such as Michigan. As the demand for water grows, issues and concerns related to water resources will become more acute. The availability of water resources over the long-term will be inherently linked to sound water resource policy.

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Wildlife Biology, B.S.

With increasing threats to wildlife, and society's disconnect from nature, it's more critical than ever to train wildlife biologists and conservationists in organismal biology, collaboration, and communication skills. Conservation of our wildlife is a moral imperative, since modern threats all stem from human causation and human health is linked to the health of animals and the environment.

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