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Environmental and Sustainability Studies, B.A., B.S.

Environmental and sustainability studies (ENS) students develop holistic, place-based, and solutions-oriented understandings of today's environmental challenges.

  • Face To Face
  • Hybrid
120 Allendale
Environmental Remote Sensing Undergraduate Certificate

The environmental remote sensing certificate provides cutting-edge skills in remote sensing science, digital image processing, and big data visualization. Emphasis is placed on applications of remote sensing technology in environmental planning, sustainable development, climate change adaptation, urban resiliency planning, and natural resource management.

Face To Face 12 Allendale
Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Technology Undergraduate Certificate

The geographic information science (GIS) and technology certificate allows you to map, model, query, and analyze large quantities of data according to location. This technology benefits organizations in almost every industry. There is growing interest in the economic, environmental, and strategic planning value of GIS.

Face To Face 13 Allendale
Geology, B.S.

Geoscientists study and assess global and local earth systems and contribute to prediction of future trends. They solve environmental issues, locate water, mineral and energy resources, and predict and help mitigate natural hazards and disasters.

Face To Face 120 Allendale
Geospatial Technology Minor

The geospatial technology program is an interdisciplinary applied minor offering expertise in geographic information science (GIS), digital image processing (remote sensing), and computer cartography. There is an emphasis on environmental, business, urban planning, and community development applications.

Face To Face 21-23 Allendale
Green Chemistry Undergraduate Certificate

Green chemistry focuses on understanding how chemicals affect human health and the environment. It constitutes the core chemistry contribution towards sustainability by guiding the design of chemicals and processes toward reducing or eliminating the use or generation of hazardous substances.

Face To Face 13 Allendale
Sustainable Food Systems Undergraduate Certificate

Strong local food systems are essential for healthy communities. Working professionals as well as students preparing for careers in local food enterprises, health care, sustainability, education, business, nonprofit administration, social work, and many other fields will benefit from the skills and experience necessary to address the role of food in community life.

  • Face To Face
  • Hybrid
16 - 20 Allendale
Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning Minor

Sustainable urban and regional planning is for those seeking to improve communities and understand/analyze local issues.

Face To Face 24 Allendale
Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning Undergraduate Certificate

Offered through Geography and Sustainable Planning, with this certificate students learn the best practices, strategies and techniques required for urban and regional development, smart and green infrastructure, and integration of social, environmental, and economic priorities in planning. Anyone admitted to GVSU as a degree-seeking student may complete this certificate.

Face To Face 12 Allendale