Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I replace my student ID?

Students can replace their lost student ID cards at the Cashiers' windows that are located on the first floor of the Student Services Building.

How often does the bus run on a weekday?

During the Fall/Winter normal business weekday the: Campus Connector (50) runs every 7-8 minutes; and, both the North and South Campus Express (37/48) run every 3-4 minutes. For more information visit

When is the Grand Valley Police Department open?

The Grand Valley Police Department is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Where is a fax machine and how much does it cost?

There is a fax machine located in the Office of Student Life, 1110 Russel H. Kirkhof Center, and this service is available for free.

Where is color printing available for students who are not majoring in Art?

Students can have color printing done at the Allendale Copy Center (inside the Laker Store, lower level) for $0.25 per page.

How can I get a refund if a vending machine takes my money?

In the event that a vending machine takes your money and does not dispense the product, students can ask for a refund at the Campus Dining Office (100 Commons), the Cashiers' windows (1st floor Student Services Building), or the 2020 Information Desk.

What movie is playing this week in Kirkhof Theatre and how often does it play?

Students can call the 2020 Information Desk or visit to find out what movie is playing in the Home Theater, main floor of the Russel H. Kirkhof Center. The week's featured movies show at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 9pm.

I lost something, where can I check?

Call the 2020 Information Desk at (616) 331 - 2020 or contact the GVPD at (616) 331-3255 (Allendale) or (616) 331-6677 (Pew). Lost and found items are picked up regularly picked up from the 2020 desk by GVPD. Click here to view the lost & found policy.

I left something behind on The Rapid, what do I do now?

Submit a request online or call (616) 776-1100. After 14 days, unclaimed items are donated to charity or destroyed. (All perishable items are disposed of immediately).

Where are the student organization mailboxes located?

 Student organization mailboxes are located in the Office of Student Life, 1110 Russel H. Kirkhof Center.

Page last modified July 9, 2018