Scholarships & Funding

Throughout the year, many different types of funds become available for use towards sustainable projects and proposals. Some of these funds can be awarded to either student, faculty or staff members in the form of scholarships, grants or loans. See the full list below.

Nichols Sustainability Scholarship Fund
for undergraduate students Established by Nichols Corporation in 2006 to encourage students to get involved with ongoing campus and community sustainability efforts and reward students who commit to making a difference when it comes to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility.... learn more.
Sustainability Reinvestment Fund
for GVSU students, faculty, and staff
Established in 2010, funds will be used in the form of mini grants and/or mini loans by faculty, staff and students for sustainable development projects both on campus and in the community.... learn more.
Sustainability Leadership Fund
for ongoing sustainability programs
Established for corporate donors, businesses, foundations, and other charitable organizations to contribute funds for ongoing sustainability programs and activities both on campus and the community.... learn more.
Student Sustainability Endowment Fund
for student sustainable development internships
Established for GVSU faculty, staff, and alumni to contribute funds for student sustainable development internships both on campus and in the community focusing on environmental, economic and social impacts.... learn more.
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Scholarship
for students
The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum is offering a total of $6,000 in scholarships to one or two junior or senior year college students, or graduate students, who have thoroughly integrated sustainability into their course of study.... learn more.
Taylor Garden Club's Jeannie Eckert Scholarship
for students
Taylor Garden Club is offering a $1,000 scholarship, to be awarded to either a recent high school graduate or college student.
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