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Awards & Recognitions

LEED Building Certification Awards

The Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center on the Allendale Campus has recently been awarded LEED® Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, demonstrating Grand Valley's commitment to sustainable progress through innovative design and construction. 

Currently, Grand Valley has 1.7 million square feet of LEED-certified structures – 24 sites and structures in total.

Grand Valley has committed to designing and building to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification levels. LEED buildings use 30 percent less energy, 40 percent less water, and 75 percent less material than regular buildings. 

• 47% of GVSU facilities are at Gold Level
• 39% of GVSU facilities are at Silver Level
• 9% of GVSU facilities are at Platinum Level 
• 5% of GVSU facilities are at Certified Level

Click here for a full list of LEED certified buildings on the Allendale campus.

Student, Staff, and Community Awards

Nichols Sustainability Scholarship 
This scholarship was created in 2006 to reward students who commit to making a difference when it comes to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility; demonstrate Nichols commitment to sustainability; acknowledge Nichols customers when they demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

 2016 Winners

  • Ellen Audia
  • Rachel Noteboom
  • Marysa Opala
  • Bennett Slavsky

Sustainability Champions Award
Sustainability Champions are individuals who, by practice and belief, support the ideals of sustainable practice and using a triple bottom-line approach to problems and issues. The champions have demonstrated that they support both in word and deed, and can be looked to as leaders in sustainability. View past winners and learn more

2016 Winners:


  • Sam Bender
  • Anna Hill
  • Francis Merring
  • Suraya Shosten
  • Brittany Sincox 
  • McKenna Smith
  • Hannah Swanson
  • Austin VanDyke
  • Jess Weal
  • Alex Wierenga


  • Joel Darling 
  • Michelle Gibbs
  • Anne Marie Hertl
  • Cheri Holman 
  • Dean Jeffrey
  • John Nash
  • Tom Reardon
  • Tom Turner



Faculty & Staff 

  • Jeff Chamberlain 
  • John Farris 
  • John Koches 
  • Ray Kusmack
  • Greg Lawton 
  • Amy McFarland
  • Mambo Mupepi
  • Chris Plouff 
  • Sandra Rodriguez
  • Tom Sanchez
  • Barb Springer Selig
  • Beth Thimmesch
  • Jeroen Wagendorp



RCE Americas Conference

  • Gayle DeBruyn
  • Philip Han
  • Laurel Stanley

GIS Mapping

  • Taylor Flamont
  • Nicholas Govan
  • Jameson Schryer

Recycling Batteries

  • Nick Baine
  • Lindsay Corneal
  • Charlie Standridge

Affordable Housing

  • Linda Chamberlain
  • Danielle Lake
  • Cameron VanDyke

2030 Energy District

  • Terry Pahl
  • Tim Thimmesch

Solar Garden

  • Karen McCarthy
  • Nancy Popa
  • Mauricio Pincheira

University Sustainability Awards and Honors

Grand Valley State was named on of the country's greenest schools for the forth year in a row by the Sierra Club. Read more about the greenest schools

For the sixth year in a row, GVSU was named one of the country's most environmentally responsible colleges by The Princeton Review in their 2015 "Guide to 353 Green College". Read more from the Guide to 353 Green Colleges