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City of Grand Rapids Sustainability Intern
Job Description

Essential Job Functions

The candidate will become a member of the GVSU student team currently in place at the City of Grand Rapids. He or she will be required to provide the following types of sustainable development best practices and service offerings. The list is not all inclusive:

  •     Office of Energy and Sustainability Department
  •     Working with the supervisor to prioritize work as necessary
  •     Discussing and agreeing on project requirements with the supervisor and agreeing the terms of reference for research
  •     Drafting memorandums, emails, and other documents
  •     Ensuring that the City Sustainability Plan and Progress Reports are updated
  •     Providing support for & performing analyses for the Sustainability Plan, Transformation Investment Plan, Community Resiliency, and Climate Mitigation/Adaptation strategies
  •     Helping to prepare Power Point Presentations for the Office of Energy and Sustainability and the Mayor to present at national and international conferences
  •     Assisting with and presenting information to large groups, such as City Commission and the Executive Management staff
  •     Researching best practices for potential strategies and plans related to energy management, sustainability, community resiliency, and other projects as required
  •     Arranging meetings (inviting the individuals, preparing documents, etc.)
  •     Attending webinars and conference calls
  •     Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor

Skills Required

  •     Strong communication, writing, and research skills
  •     Working well independently
  •     Critical and holistic systems thinking
  •     Understanding the guiding principles of sustainability
  •     Basic website management skills
  •     Analyzing and reporting community data and measurements
  •     Meeting project milestones and deadlines

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to Sharon Munski at

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