There have been a number of attempts by unscrupulous individuals to place fraudulent orders using Grand Valley State University as the originator. Some items being ordered are; Cisco products, Epson products, projectors, and various electronic items. If the product being ordered is not being shipped to Grand Valley State University’s Allendale, Michigan campus, you should be suspicious and call this number immediately; 616-331-2280. If you receive an email that you suspect is bogus, go to the Grand Valley State University web site where you can corroborate the contact information;

Thank you!

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Welcome to Procurement Services

The Procurement Services department reports to the Business and Finance
unit, a member of the Finance and Administration division. Procurement Services

purchases the supplies, equipment and services which support the University’s
mission on a timely and best value basis. Our goal is to cooperatively develop and
execute sourcing strategies with departments that will provide the highest
professional standards,
services, and practices while providing purchasing tools
and programs to make each department more efficient by utilizing all University
resources effectively.
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Page last modified February 18, 2015